Constituted 15 January, 1943.
Campaign Participation: Tunisia, Normandy, Northern France, Ardennes-Alsece, Kosovo, Afghanistan
What's New?
30 December, 2011.
As we clear 2011, the 702nd says goodbye to the busiest year since I can recall
(as far back as 2000). This past year we supported two Mil to Mil exchanges:
Bulgaria and Serbia; Range support to the US Marines in S. Africa (which included
three planning TDY events); Stockpile remediation training in Albania and Romania
(which included three planning TDY events); UNGA support in NYC; And at least
ten VIP support missions throughout Europe. Not to be excluded are three ten day
unit FTXs which facilitated the Team Leader Certification of five prospective Team
Leaders; the building of a robot training course at the demo range and over 100,
real world, incidents prosecuted within our Area of Responsibility, all the while
providing round the clock backstop support to the 720ths (our sister unit deployed)
Area of Responsibility, AND, transitioning from legacy to 44 man MTOE. All in all it
was a banner year for the 702nd, and I'm proud to be a part of such a professional
organization, full to overflowing with Soldiers of such high quality. Makes my job
We're headed into a New Year that will be very interesting for us here at the
702nd: A new BN Command Team; European force reductions and re-alignments;
Road to War and our own deployment. Lastly, if you have come across this page
during a google search for the 702nd, please go to Facebook and search for
"702nd EOD, Grafenwohr, Germany." If you were formerly assigned to the 2nd, or
the 702nd EOD, please, please, please request to be a member of the FB site and
when your membership is approved, please post pics of your time at the unit.
(Especially you old timers.)
1SG Al Rebara
What The 702nd Does:
Provide EOD support to EUCOM and AFRICOM AOR.
HMA (Mine Action), Explosive Remnents of War (ERW); Stockpile
Remediation; WMD response; IED response; Convention ordnance
and explosive hazard response; partnership building through
military to military exchange; OCONUS VIP support.
702nd EOD
The Demons