As you can imagine, Prague is a great city.  Spared from the massive bombing and battle campaigns of WWII,
the old city is intact.  We went their for New Year Eve 2003.  It was a last minute decision and we had no
place to stay for that first night.  We assumed it would be easy enough to simply stay awake all night,
considering it was New Years.  Boy were we wrong.  Good thing we came across someone from work who's
visiting sibling allowed us to sleep on their hotel room floor.  But we were up pretty late before we resorted
to sleep.  Let me say that New Years in Prague is not like anything you have ever experienced anywhere
else in the world.  When it's near midnight, the ENTIRE skyline is ablaze with pyrotechnics of one kind or
another.  It's almost like everybody in the city has something that blows up, throws fire, or shoots in the air.  
And that is absolutely not an exaggeration; it was a war zone.  We had bottle rockets pass between us
during conversation.  I highly suggest going to Prague for New Years, but bring some eye protection with
you.  We must have witnessed about 10 individuals who were blown up by (what they thought were dud)
fireworks, or catch on fire from fountain type fireworks placed, unbeknownst to them, to close.  The entire
city was so packed you could hardly help but catch someone on fire.  And the streets crackled, everywhere
you put a foot down, with broken glass.  It was AWESOME.  We spent the remaining two nights there going
to this or that strip club, disco, bar, restaurant or mini classical music concert.  You name it, you can do it