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The 1st EOD Det, is part of the 1st Support Battalion and Task Force Sinai, assigned to the Multinational Force and Observers.  For the
most part it's very slow duty; there is nothing going on here.  So we train, respond, and hang out.  So far, outside of sheer boredom, I
have no complaints.  I've been able to tour Egypt and Israel from here at substantial discounts.  For instance, I spent two nights and
three days touring Cairo for $50!  The most I've ever paid for a tour is $150.  So it has absolutely not been a waste of time.  Also, as far
as I'm concerned, US presence here, enforcing this treaty, is an absolute must.  The peace between Egypt and Israel is the ONLY
successful peace initiative in the Middle East, and that's saying a whole lot.  Fifteen years ago I was stationed down at South Camp
while in the Infantry.  At that time, the peace was only 11 years old.  South Camp was surrounded by nothing but desert and maybe 4
hotels in Nama Bay, and South Camp had to generate its own power as well.  Today the Nama Bay area is a prosperous tourist
destination that surrounds South Camp all the way to Sharm El Sheik.  The hustle and bustle of both major hotels and resorts along
with mom and pop stores is unbelievable.  
Peace made it all possible.  Here at North Camp, as in South Camp, we rely upon the local
power grid for our electricity, also something that wasn't available 15 years ago to the average Egyptian.  So keep that in mind as we
continue this global war on terror because it is these people, who for no other reason beyond hate for the West, demand ruin for their
cultures through continued violence.  I've been 20 meters from the Gaza Strip and they too could just live in peace if they were to
choose.  They too could be prosperous, like Egypt is now, if they wanted to.  Their calls to JIHAD are why they are where they are.  It
took two brave statesmen, for whatever reason, to sign this peace treaty, and one was killed by his own people; the same people who
now live better as a result of something as simple as peace.  Simply stopping the war against Israel will immediately improve
EVERYBODY'S life FOREVER.  It's so easy it's disgusting.