We (Jon and I) were deployed here for 90+ days in order to provide EOD support to GTEP (Georgia Train and Equip Program).  GTEP set
out to train Georgian troops in Western military tactics, in an attempt to boost their forces ability to secure their own borders.  As you
may or may not know, this region is pretty crazy, and Georgia borders with Russia.  This area is also Chechen and these Chechen
terrorists move from areas within Georgia to areas within Russia to coordinate violence.  They essentially use areas in Northern
Georgia as safe havens.  The Georgian security forces are not able to root these guys out; so was born GTEP.  Needless to say we had
lots of time off in the 90 days we were there.  
We visited an orphanage (and the US donated lots of blankets, mattresses and the like)
and spent plenty of time at the local bars and discos (I mostly kept a keen eye on Jon).  It was a nearly perfect mission as it included
demolitions, travel in a foreign land, and night life.  What could be better (other than being with my wife and kids)?