Islamabad.  How do I explain this?  Lets put it this way, when I arrived I felt like I
was back in Afghanistan.  I got that same eerie feeling I got while in a combat
zone.  Not to mention the fact that we had intel something WAS going to happen.  
Did I tell you we weren't allowed to have weapons?  That was not a good feeling
at all.  I was right back in a combat zone, unarmed.  One of the US Consulates
was bombed while we were there.  Not in Islamabad itself, but elsewhere in the

My assistant and I barricaded ourselves in our room at night, sleeping with some
sort of escape ready clothing.  It was the first VIP I had been on where we were
encouraged to grow a beard (and I did).  Not a bad place, I guess.  I just wish that
people weren't so damn crazy.

I don't have many pics, but I do have a real short video of our dash into the city.
Islamabad, Pakistan
VIP Support