Ankara was a nice place, in theory.  We didn't get much chance to go outside the
hotel complex.  Actually, I should say, we chose not to leave the complex until the
protectee had left.  After which we went about town a bit, after the situation calmed.
 Here's what happened.  The day after we arrived, a bomb killed a policeman at
the hotel the VIP was supposed to stay.  This hotel was next door to ours.  I
enjoyed the trip a great deal, and the hotel complex was more like a small city.  It
had it's own mall, park, sports facilities.  Very nice.

I didn't take any pictures while we were there.  The area we were in was not
especially "Turkish", if you catch my drift.  I would be posting a bunch of pictures of
the hotel and a shopping area that wasn't all that amazing in a cultural sense.  Has
we been able to get out and about, see the country, I'd have something for you.


Here's a travel tip: Be prepared to pay excess baggage fees upon LEAVING
Turkey.  If you didn't pay anything coming in, and even if you aren't leaving with
extra bags, you WILL pay excess baggage.  TRUST ME!  The thing is the pounds
alloted for leaving the country is way less that the pounds alloted for coming in.
VIP Support
Ankara, Turkey